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Ask Tall Paul why he felt it was his purpose to emcee. Don’t expect the conventional “Nas and 2pac made me do it” kind of answer.

“I started writing rhymes when I was 14. I was left in awe by 106th & Park’s ‘Freestyle Friday’ rap battle segment. When Jin won for 7 consecutive weeks, capping it off by signing a record deal with the Ruff Ryders, it was crazy. I didn’t actually start writing until shortly after that when I saw my cousin spittin’ into a tape recorder one day. From that point on I just liked the release that it gave me. The lure of the rock star lifestyle that rappers exhibited in music videos was cool too.”

Born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, Tall Paul grew up listening to hip hop from all regions. “As a kid I was listening to whoever my brothers and cousins were listening to – Snoop, 2Pac, Biggie, The Fugees, the Luniz, Bone Thugs, Twista and the Speedknot Mobstaz, DMX, and the list goes on.” This would ultimately help mold his fatherless style of flow. 

In 2009 Tall Paul decided to take rhyming more serious, both recording and performing live for the first time. Still young in his career, Tall Paul has already performed in Minnesota’s top venues, including First Avenue’s main room. “When I got on stage to that sold out crowd in First Ave, it was like a dream come true.” 

“Moving forward, my goal is to relentlessly exercise the tear ducts, spinal chords and vocal chords of all who lend an ear to my music. I wanna make people shed tears of joy and pain, feel that familiar tingle down their spines, and nod their heads with conviction all while experiencing bits of laughter here and there. I wanna travel and earn a living doing so. Working with a handful of my favorite artists and leaving my own distinguished mark in hip-hop will be the icing on the cake.”

When you listen to Tall Paul’s music, it’s clear he’s unafraid to test boundaries that many shy away from. “I’m a no good good guy (laughs). I might help an elderly person cross the street with their groceries, but I’ll be looking back at the rearview on the sexy lady who just walked by at the same time (laughs).” 

Expect to hear conscious, yet honest lyricism, placed over the beat selection of an individual who vows to only release his highest quality material. Tall Paul’s latest project, titled “No Good Good Guy”, can be found at soundcloud.com/tallpaul612 and tallpaul612.bandcamp.com

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