What does our membership include?

Your MNMusicians.com membership includes monthly or yearly listing in our database. Call or register with our online form. We manage your page to make it easy and save you time. Pages include contact info, photos, social media, videos, store hours, etc.

MNMusicians.com creates and maintains my listing. Can I make adjustments to my listing?

Contact us anytime by phone or email with adjustments to your listing. Our team is devoted to helping clients build there brand and be a valuable part of the MNMusicians.com directory.

What is the goal of MNMusicians.com?

Our mission at MNMusicians.com is to connect and support the Minnesota music community and other local businesses. Find Musicians, Bands, MC's, Dj's, Music Producers, Dancers, Venues, Music Shops, Rentals, Repairs, Travel Accommodations and other local resources.